Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overcoming Obstacles in Life and Inspiring Others

I call my life "Blessed Beyond Belief" and would love to speak at churches, schools, and companies and encourage others who may be going thru a difficult time about "Trusting in God, thru it all," "Motivation for Graduation" and "Enjoying Your Job."

I was adopted as a baby and have been reunited with my entire biological family for ten years now (I am 34 now). My husband and I are godparents to my birth brother's 2 year old daughter. I have given presentations and spoken about my life experience as a reunited adoptee, including the first death as well as the first birth of family members thru my biological family since my reunion with them.

Also, I lost six family members within six months in 2008, including both of my adoptive parents who raised me and also an uncle I knew for ten years who died on my birthday (he was my birth mom's brother). I attended a six weeks' grief recovery support class session and my adoptive mother died two weeks after class ended. I began helping assist these classes in November 2008 and continue to do so thru today. Also, I did projects in memory of my parents; for my father, I participated in a 5k walk with husband to help raise funds for foster children's needs and honor the memory of my father.

Video of 5k walk:

And for my mother, I joined teamfox.org and continue to do an ongoing project I titled, "Placemats for Parkinsons," where I crochet these placemats and donate half of all proceeds form these sales to Team Fox to help raise funds for Parkinson's research.


I encourage others to "live life the fullest" while also being able to honor the memory of their loved ones. And I also try to motivate others to do a project in memory of them as well.

I hope to begin giving presentations to these various types of organizations as a Motivational Speaker and Comedian soon. In the meantime, I continue to write as a freelance journalist and am in the midst of writing a book about my life story. I could not think of a better title for it, either other than "Blessed Beyond Belief." I also host an online talk show at

Thank you for taking your time out to read my life story today. I pray and hope it somehow affects you in a positive way.

Love & Peace,

If interested in having 'Chelle speak for your organization, please contact her via e-mail at

Here are a few videos:

Challenges in Life:

My life as Reunited Adoptee (part 1):

My life as Reunited Adoptee (part 2):

My life as Reunited Adoptee (part 3):

My life as Reunited Adoptee (part 4):

Comedy with Chelle:


I love to be silly & dance every day - see these videos here:

"Singing in the Rain"

"I'm Gonna Live & Live Now!"

"Oh Mickey!"

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